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What’s happening in Security? Detectify Labs is the home to novel security writeups from trusted security researchers active in the community. Contributors include Frans Rosén, Mathias Karlsson, Fredrik N. Almroth, and more.

Hacking CloudKit – How I accidentally deleted your Apple Shortcuts

Cloudkit Detectify Crowdsource Frans Rosén iOS
api fuzzing api security pentesting

Go Fuzz Yourself – How to Find More Vulnerabilities in APIs Through Fuzzing [Whitepaper download]

ccTLD DNS hijacking Domain hijacking Fredrik Almroth TLD takeover

How I hijacked the top-level domain of a sovereign state

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PHP php malware

Investigation of PHP Web Shell Hexedglobals.3793 Variants

AWS bug bounty Frans Rosén Google Cloud s3 buckets

Bypassing and exploiting Bucket Upload Policies and Signed URLs

Detectify Crowdsource

GraphQL abuse: Bypass account level permissions through parameter smuggling

CSP Detectify Crowdsource Google Analytics

Using Google Analytics for data extraction

How I exploited ACME TLS-SNI-01 issuing Let’s Encrypt SSL-certs for any domain using shared hosting

Amazon PayPal Public Information Security Questions

Security Questions are not secure

Detectify Crowdsource Peter Jaric Selenium Grid

Guest Blog: Don’t Leave your Grid Wide Open