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iOS 7 lock screen bypass write-up

September 20, 2013

Yesterday a researcher named Jose Rodriguez published a way to bypass the lock screen on the new iOS 7. Naturally, we at Detectify checked it out and played a bit with the bug.


• Make sure the camera app is running. This can be achieved by either using the control center, or swiping the bottom right corner on the main lock screen.
• Enter the control center (swipe the bottom center on the main lock screen)
• Open the timer app, in the bottom left corner next to the flashlight app
• Hold down the power button
• Press cancel
• Between the shutdown screen and the timer app, double tap the home button and hold down the second click for around half a second
• Swipe to the camera app


If you did everything correctly, you can now access the gallery and everything inside. This includes sending mail, using twitter and sending text messages as well.

Other ways to trigger the bug

We also discovered that this bug can be triggered in some other ways. For once, the bug can be triggered not only in the timer app, but also in the calculator app. Another way is to use Siri/Voice control instead of the shut down screen. Then you could apply the same “magic double tap” between Siri/Voice control and the calculator app.

Outcome: https://twitter.com/avlidienbrunn/status/381020433929101312)

Author: Mathias Karlsson