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What’s your go-to bug class? Is it XSS? One could say cross-site scripting is a favourite among our researchers. Check it out:

XSS challenge – Twins of Ten

Cross Side Scripting Twins of Ten XSS
Cross Site Scripting Google Turkey XSS

Google XSS Turkey

bug bounty Frans Rosén XSS

Building an XSS polyglot through SWF and CSP

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Android Ethical Hacking XSS Zoho

Finding an XSS in an HTML-based Android application

Auditor bypass XSS

5 contexts where the XSS Auditor won’t help you

Chrome XSS

Chrome XSS Protection Bias (using Rails)

bug bounty XSS

How I got the Bug Bounty for Mega.co.nz XSS


XSS Where You Least Expect It


How to: Exploit an XSS


Universal XSS in Opera