What is Detectify?

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Detectify awarded its biggest bounty ever during the height of Log4j

Detectify Detectify Crowdsource log4j
Detectify Crowdsource featured path traversal zero day

How I found the Grafana zero-day Path Traversal exploit that gave me access to your logs

bug bounty Detectify Crowdsource Farah Hawa featured hakluke

10 Types of Web Vulnerabilities that are Often Missed

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Cloudkit Detectify Crowdsource Frans Rosén iOS

Hacking CloudKit – How I accidentally deleted your Apple Shortcuts

dependency confusion Detectify Crowdsource supply chain attacks

How blue teams can defend against Dependency Confusion and other novel supply chain attacks

0day Detectify Crowdsource

Undocumented authentication bypass issue in AEM Package Manager [Blog updated]

Detectify Crowdsource open-source scanner

Detectify releases Ugly Duckling, an open-source web scanner for ethical hackers

Detectify Crowdsource

Top 12 hacker tips to secure your SPA from Crowdsource

0-day CVE Detectify Crowdsource XSS

CVE-2020-29653: Stealing Froxlor login credentials using dangling markup

Detectify Crowdsource

GraphQL abuse: Bypass account level permissions through parameter smuggling