What is Detectify?

bug bounty

Bountie$$$ plz.

How To Hack Web Applications in 2022: Part 2

bug bounty Detectify Detectify Crowdsource Ethical Hacking hakluke XSS
bug bounty Detectify Detectify Crowdsource Ethical Hacking module disclosures

Module disclosures now available for hackers on Detectify Crowdsource

bug bounty Detectify Crowdsource Frans Rosén OAuth postmessage XSS

Account hijacking using “dirty dancing” in sign-in OAuth-flows

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AWS QuickSight bug bounty Detectify

Leveraging AWS QuickSight dashboards to visualize recon data

automation bug bounty featured

Hakluke: Creating the Perfect Bug Bounty Automation

bug bounty Detectify Crowdsource Farah Hawa featured hakluke

10 Types of Web Vulnerabilities that are Often Missed

AWS bug bounty Frans Rosén Google Cloud s3 buckets

Bypassing and exploiting Bucket Upload Policies and Signed URLs

AWS bug bounty Frans Rosén privacy XSS

A deep dive into AWS S3 access controls – taking full control over your assets

bug bounty Frans Rosén Github Mathias Karlsson

BountyDash – A local bug bounty statistics dashboard

bug bounty Fastly Frans Rosén Heroku Mathias Karlsson

Combining host header injection and lax host parsing serving malicious data