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7 tools that have influenced the reversing community

DRM reverse engineering

Fusion Challenges – level02 Write-up

binary exploitation Fusion challenges return-oriented programming
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Slack bot token leakage exposing business critical information

Slack Slackbots token

Frans Rosén’s Bugcrowd Guest Blog: Using a Braun Shaver to Bypass XSS Audit and WAF

bug bounty Bugcrowd Cross Site Scripting Frans Rosén XSS

Using reverse engineering techniques to see how a common malware packer works

reverse engineering UPX

Tips for running an onion

Onion Onion-domain Tor

CSP: bypassing form-action with reflected XSS

Content-Security-Policy CSP Ethical Hacking Reflected XSS

Bypassing SOP and shouting hello before you cross the pond

OS SOP SOP bypass

We are looking for tech writers

Chrome Extensions – AKA Total Absence of Privacy

Chrome extensions Dropbox Ethical Hacking Google Drive privacy
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