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CSP flaws: cookie fixation

Cookie fixation CSP Mathias Karlsson

postMessage XSS on a million sites

AddThis Mathias Karlsson postmessage
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The pitfalls of postMessage

Mathias Karlsson postmessage

Combining host header injection and lax host parsing serving malicious data

bug bounty Fastly Frans Rosén Heroku Mathias Karlsson

The story of EV-SSL, AWS and trailing dot domains

Frans Rosén Hostile Subdomain takeover SSL

Using Chrome’s web-custom-data UTI to inject a stored XSS in Slack

Frans Rosén Slack XSS

How I made LastPass give me all your passwords

Cross Site Scripting Lastpass Mathias Karlsson XSS

What HPKP is but isn’t

HPKP HTTP public key pinning

7 tools that have influenced the reversing community

DRM reverse engineering

Fusion Challenges – level02 Write-up

binary exploitation Fusion challenges return-oriented programming
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