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Using reverse engineering techniques to see how a common malware packer works

reverse engineering UPX

Tips for running an onion

Onion Onion-domain Tor

CSP: bypassing form-action with reflected XSS

Content-Security-Policy CSP Ethical Hacking Reflected XSS

Bypassing SOP and shouting hello before you cross the pond

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Chrome Extensions – AKA Total Absence of Privacy

Chrome extensions Dropbox Ethical Hacking Google Drive privacy

How Patreon got hacked – Publicly exposed Werkzeug Debugger

Frans Rosén Patreon Remote Code Execution Werkzeug Debugger

How I disabled your Chrome security extensions

Chrome HTTPS Everywhere Security Extensions

Solutions to the Twins of Ten XSS Challenge

Chrome Cross Site Scripting Safari Twins of Ten XSS

Using Google Cloud to Bypass NoScript

bypass Google Cloud NoScript