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What’s happening in Security? Detectify Labs is the home to novel security writeups from trusted security researchers active in the community. Contributors include Frans Rosén, Mathias Karlsson, Fredrik N. Almroth, and more.

Guest Blog: Don’t Leave your Grid Wide Open

Detectify Crowdsource Peter Jaric Selenium Grid
Chrome privacy Tinder

TrackMania – a Chrome plugin to stalk your friends on Tinder

Detectify Crowdsource DNS spoofing vulnerability

Guest blog: Bypassing domain control verification with DNS response spoofing

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Chrome Chrome extensions Facebook Frans Rosén XSS

Dissecting the Chrome Extension Facebook malware

Tesla XSS

How we invented the Tesla DOM DOOM XSS

AWS bug bounty Frans Rosén privacy XSS

A deep dive into AWS S3 access controls – taking full control over your assets

Detectify Crowdsource Persistent XSS Team Tailor XSS

How I found a persistent XSS affecting thousands of career sites

login/logout CSRF Mathias Karlsson

Login/logout CSRF: Time to reconsider?

Frans Rosén postmessage Slack

Hacking Slack using postMessage and WebSocket-reconnect to steal your precious token

Mathias Karlsson SQL Injection

SQLi in INSERT worse than SELECT