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What’s it like inside the mind of Kate Libby? Who knows, but we can show you what it’s like inside the mind of Detectify’s researchers and Crowdsource hackers in the blog posts below.

Using reverse engineering techniques to see how a common malware packer works

reverse engineering UPX
Chrome Cross Site Scripting Safari Twins of Ten XSS

Solutions to the Twins of Ten XSS Challenge

Cross Side Scripting Twins of Ten XSS

XSS challenge – Twins of Ten

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Cross Site Scripting Google Turkey XSS

Google XSS Turkey

hack iCloud privacy

How the celebrity hack could have been done

Frans Rosén

The lesser known pitfalls of allowing file uploads on your website

Auditor bypass XSS

5 contexts where the XSS Auditor won’t help you

0day Java

Details on the Java 0Day – Yet another way to hack your system


XSS Where You Least Expect It

CGI Local File Inclusion Perl

Local File Inclusions in Perl/CGI